Auriga Services

Auriga Services Limited was formed in 2004, a not-for-profit trading subsidiary of Severn Trent Trust Fund (established in 1997), based in Sutton Coldfield.







Auriga work closely with some of the largest utility companies in the UK, as well as the NHS, local authorities, small organisations and charities such as the CSP MBF. They produce quality solutions working with our clients, to our timescales, delivering a service to enhance our brand. 

They have the expertise and ability to manage the complexities of issues raised by clients, balancing needs against income and the overriding desire to better support those in hardship, and assist them back to independence.

MBF / Auriga Partnership

By working in partnership we are able to offer help and support for CSP members - making a significant impact on the lives of people who have hit hard times through illness, accident or misfortune.

We work with specific named personnel who understand the MBF and our aims, and are able to offer enhanced help and guidance that we could not do alone as a Board of Trustees, including giving welfare and benefits advice and debt advice where applicable.

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