Gifts, Grants and Support page

Assistance may be either one, or a combination, of the following:

  • A financial monthly allowance
  • A ‘one off’ Grant
  • Payment for work done – e.g. house repairs
  • Purchase of ‘white goods’ 
  • Contribute to purchase of personal assistive equipment – e.g. specialised wheelchair
  • CSP Subscriptions
  • Interest Free Loan for a specific purpose
  • Advice on benefits and financial planning 
  • Support for applications and tribunals
  • Specific debt advice 

When you complete an application form, (see Seek Help) we will review your circumstances and assist in whichever way is most appropriate for you, which may be one of the above, or a combination of assistance for a specified length of time.  All cases are reviewed at least annually but often more frequently than that. 

We also run workshops on retirement planning (lifestyle planning not financial guidance) and are looking at basic financial guidance provision soon – for enquiries for these please contact